Reel Movie Reviews: Pineapple Express

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Simply based on the star power of Pineapple Express - everything Seth Rogen touches these days turned to comedic gold - there's little doubt this movie will fare well at the box office.

But does that mean it's actually funny? Here's a collection of what many film critics have to say...

- It is uneven, overly long, makes utterly no sense -- but still manages to work as stoner escapism with a lot of pretty explosions... -- Jam! Movies

- Pineapple Express presents viewers with an oxymoronic experience: the action stoner film... -- Dallas Morning News

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- How much you enjoy Pineapple Express may depend on what associations (or substances) you bring into the theater with you. As an action comedy, it's just a bad trip... -- Baltimore Sun

- James Franco's Saul Silver can step into the pantheon of iconic movie stoners joining Sean Penn's Jeff Spicoli and Jeff Bridges's Dude... -- Reeling Reviews

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Pineapple Express Quotes

There's a fly in the ointment. Shit's hittin' the fan. The lion will speak!

Saul Silver

Couscous - the food so nice they named it twice.

Dale Denton

Pineapple Express Review

Pineapple Express would work better as a series of YouTube clips. There are a few funny moments - the first time Seth Rogen's character...

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