Reel Movie Reviews: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Considering the rather vast appeal of the Star Wars franchise, it's safe to assume that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be a hit at the box office.

For those unsure about what this animated feature is all about, though, here's a look at how various critics have reacted to it...

- This isn't the Star Wars we've always known and at least sometimes loved... -- Variety

- Though visually engaging, the feature is a mixed bag of the strengths and weaknesses of the sci-fi world Lucas created 30 years ago... -- Emanuel Levy

Clone Wars Poster

- A worthy addition to the original six-film cycle, staying true to the spirit of the series while overhauling it in a number of important ways... --

- Anakin's a real mannequin in this stiffly-executed CG feature. Strained attempts at comedy are reserved for the constant bickering between Anakin and Ahsoka, who form something of a bizarre dysfunctional family along with the Hutt-let...-- The Hollywood Reporter

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Quotes

Great! You woke the baby!

Ahsoka Tano

You'll have to do better than that, my darling.

Obi-Wan Kenobi