Reel Movie Reviews: Swing Vote

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If you've already seen The Dark Knight five times and are looking for something else to occupy your time, you might want to take a look at Swing Vote this weekend. 

It looks like Swing Vote is getting mixed reviews from the critics mostly due to it being too lightweight on the political satire side.  At least it sounds like it's a cute movie to see the relationship between Kevin Costner and his on-screen daughter.  Here's a sampling of reviews from around the net.

- Swing Vote lopes along and is best taken as a tale of a father and a daughter coming through a rough patch to a better place, rather than anything to do with real-world politics. --  Chicago Tribune

- One minute you're laughing at its sendup of the political process, and the next you're stricken by the sorry state of the sweet and brainy protagonist's family. -- USA Today

Bud Johnson Bowling

- As often happens with politics, even as Swing Vote entertains, it leaves us feeling like we've been subjected to some slick manipulation and worse, left with promises unfulfilled. -- Toronto Star

- Swing Vote captures the spirit of an election year when many once-apathetic Americans are keenly interested in the outcome. We have met the enemy and he is us. But so is the hero. -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

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