Reel Movie Reviews: The Rocker

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On August 20, Rainn Wilson is ready to rock!

He stars as Robert Fishman in the comedy The Rocker. A handful of critics around the nation have weighed in with their opinion on the upcoming movie...

- It's modestly entertaining, occasionally funny, and generally agreeable. I just don't think Wilson should quit his day job yet... -- Robert D. Snider

- Rainn Wilson has already been typecast as "that weird, crazy guy" in every role he plays, but he seems capable of more... ReelzChannel

Robert Fishman Photo

- It’s exactly the kind of film that I’ll forget having ever seen by the time Summer is over and that’s too bad as I do love the premise of the film and I’m a fan of Rainn Wilson... Film Threat

- This is pre-packaged entertainment, a product designed to give bored teenagers something to watch on a Friday or Saturday night when steamy summer nights are getting longer and Labor Day is just around the corner... -- ReelViews

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The Rocker Quotes

A lot of elevators play Celine Dion - that doesn't make it right.

Robert 'Fish' Fishman

It's not "stealing" if you're family. But, seriously, don't tell your mom.

Robert 'Fish' Fishman