Robert Downey Jr. Dishes on New Sherlock Holmes Movie

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As previously announced, Robert Downey Jr. will take a break from the iconic role of Tony Stark to take on another iconic part in his next movie: Sherlock Holmes.

The actor spoke to MoviesOnline about the project:

It’s set in 1891. The original dossier of Sherlock Holmes, in additional to everything we know, was also that he was a bare knuckle boxer and a master of Baritsu which is a very nebulous martial art which I love and so we’re going to punch up what was missing from all the Sherlock Holmes we’d seen which is the fact there were these huge chase and action sequences that occurred and were probably just a little too expensive to do with Basil Rathbone for TV.

So we’re going to really bring up the scale of it and make it fun and accessible. I’ve seen a lot of kid-friendly movies and a lot of super dark movies all come out and do well this summer and I think we need less darkness and more entertainment. So I’m hoping we can do a very entertaining and accessible movie.


Can you envision Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes?

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