The House Bunny Premiere Brings Out Bevy of Beauties

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No surprise that a movie about an exiled Playboy centerfold would bring out a bevy of beauties at its world premiere.

That's what went down earlier this week at the opening of The House Bunny. Here's a look at a trio of cute actress that showed up...

The House Bunny Premiere

Anna Faris is the lead character in The House Bunny.

Amber Heard Image

Amber Heard was the object of Seth Rogen's affection in this summer's Pineapple Express.

Pretty at a Premiere

Look for Malin Akerman in next year's Watchmen movie.

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The House Bunny Quotes

Yes, I think I'll have the mahi-mahi, but can I get it with just one mahi?


Manhole. I like that word. Manhole.


The House Bunny Review

Maybe it was her guest starring stint on Entourage, but we adore Anna Farris. That's what we really wanted to like The House Bunny. But...

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