Venom Creator Considers Spider-Man Spinoff

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A significant question being posed in Hollywood these days is: Who will play the next Batman villain?

As that gets debated, rumors continues to swirl over an actual spin-off for a certain Spider-Man bad guy. Might a movie centered around Venom ever come to fruition?

As one of the most villainous characters in Marvel comics history, could this pile of extraterrestrial goo truly transition to leading man?

“I think Venom could headline a good movie on his own, but it would be tricky and would depend in large part on the script,” Venom’s creator David Michelinie told MTV News.


Naturally, Michelinie argues the success of any Venom movie would depend most on who’s wearing the suit.

In Spider-Man 3, Venom fused with Eddie Brock (portrayed by Topher Grace), but Brock’s climactic and seemingly conclusive death scene leaves an open slot for the symbiote’s host.

“If Eddie’s still dead from Spider-Man 3, said Michelinie,” “the story and the success of the movie would depend almost entirely on the personality of the character who would combine with the symbiote: his motivations, his background, his methodology… his heart and soul.”

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