Will Linda Hamilton Make a Cameo in Terminator Salvation?

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Rumors of Arnold Schwarzenegger popping up in Terminator Salvation have died down.

But fans are now wondering about whether or not Linda Hamilton will make a cameo in the remaking of this franchise.

According to TheArnoldFans.com, the famous Polaroid picture of Sarah Connor will appear in the film for certain. It will, of course, bear Hamtilon’s likeness.

Linda Hamilton Pic

The website reportedly spoke to someone involved in Terminator Salvation at Comic Con who told them they’ll indeed be using the Hamilton photo in the film.

"Linda is the only way to go to honor the original Terminator films and to tie our films together," the source said. “We're big fans of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but we're either going with Linda or shooting the actors holding a picture. The audience is smart enough to realize what they are looking at. We just need to contact Linda still."

Well... a couple of weeks have passed and a representative for Hamilton says no one has spoken to the actress yet.

As soon as she knows if she's involved with the film, we'll let you know.

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