Alicia Keys Wants to be a Bond Girl

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Look out, Gemma Arterton. You may have competition.

Alicia Keys, who just finished recording “Another Way to Die,” the new theme song for Quantum of Solace, told MTV News that her amibition is to play a larger role in the next franchise installment.

“I think I can be the next Bond girl,” the singer said, most likely jokingly, at the Toronto Film Festival.

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While Keys says her theme song is  "like this crazy kind of energetic hard song with valleys and peaks," she was even more excited to talk about the film itself. The Grammy winner got to see an early screening of Quantum of Solace.

“I can tell you that it’s damn good. I’ve never seen a movie with a car chase, a boat chase, and a plane chase all in the same flick! It’s really good!”

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