Brad William Henke Reveals a Few Star Trek Spoilers

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Brad William Henke isn't exactly an A-lister.

Best known for his work on ABC drama October Road, the actor has landed the role of Uncle Frank in the upcoming Star Trek remake. He recently spoke to Collider about the role:

On Uncle Frank: I play Captain Kirk’s alcoholic, abusive uncle when he’s a kid, and I treat him very badly, which forces him to go off and do what he does.

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Brad William Henke shares some insight on the 2009 Star Trek movie.

On director J.J. Abrams: Awesome! Awesome, really nice guy, and really . . . You know I got the script, and first of all I was offered the role so I never saw the script, and then it was about three days before I was suppose to shoot and I still hadn’t gotten my scenes. And they said, “Well they’re giving some people just the scenes when they get there.” And I said, “Well I’m not that type of actor, so if you want it to be kind of good, you should give them to me right now. So they had to messenger it over and then I got to work on it.

But it had each line . . . you know, some words were underlined, so it was kinda telling you exactly how to say it. So I was like “Oh shit. This is exactly how I’m supposed to do it?” which, again, is not one of my fortes either. So I got there and he’s like, “Just do it however you want to do it, and let’s just play with it.” And we just shot these scenes . . . you know, cause they had the money they would shoot these scenes all day long from all these different angles. And he was so positive, and he was. . . he was awesome! He was such a nice guy, and so in to it. Running around, just really into it.

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