Diablo Cody is a Reckless Screenwriter

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Diablo Cody understands the movie goers that line up for a cute story about a knocked up teenager might not be the same that buy tickets for a vampire film.

That's why the screenwriter has admitted to The Los Angeles Times that Jennifer's Body is a risky follow-up to Juno. Still, she just couldn't resist the story.

"Juno is a life-affirming movie," Cody said "And this is a death-affirming movie. The people who really loved Juno - I don't know if they will love this in the same way. And the people who hated Juno - well, this will just be more grist for the mill.

"My biggest priority is putting words in women's mouths - it just doesn't happen. Women don't get the good lines. They don't get to do anything. And they don't get to be reckless. And I've always been reckless."

Diablo Cody and Megan Fox

Diablo Cody is seen here with Jennifer's Body star Megan Fox.

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