John Malkovich Comments on Burn After Reading Role

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Despite ceding the headlines in Burn After Reading to co-stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney, John Malkovich plays a signifiant role in the latest movies from The Coen Brothers.

The actor recently talked about it with I understand the Coens wrote this part with you in mind. Had you met them before or had they just seen some of your other work?
John Malkovich: I met them at dinner years ago out in California, but I didn't know them. I think it was just mostly from things they saw that I did, maybe on stage I imagine because they live in New York, and they may have seen things I did on stage.

Osborne Cox Picture

John Malkovich plays CIA agent Osborne Cox in Burn After Reading.

CS: Is it flattering to have them write a character like this for you, a sympathetic character but one with a seriously bad temper?
Malkovich: I didn't think much about them writing it for me because I wouldn't really know what kind of character you'd write for me. I've done so many different kinds, I don't really know what you'd pick out. I had always wanted to work with them and I liked this character and I thought the script was funny and good.

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Burn After Reading Quotes

[over the phone] Osbourne Cox? I thought you might be wooorrried...about the secuuurrrity...of your shit.

Chad Feldheimer

Harry Pfarrer: Go around the corner, we'll do it in the back.
Katie Cox: You're so coarse.
Harry Pfarrer: Back of the car... not the rear entry situation.

Burn After Reading Review

Burn After Reading won't win another Best Picture Oscar for The Coen Brothers. No Country for Old Men, it is not. But this is a fun ride,...

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