Michael Cera Shoots down Arrested Development Movie Rumors

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Michael Cera is breaking our heart.

In a recent interview, the Juno and Superbad star was asked about the possibilities of an Arrested Development movie. And his response was far from encouraging:

You’ve been quoted saying that you didn’t think there would be much interest in an Arrested Development movie, but there are still constant rumors that it will get made. What’s the status now?
People have asked me about a movie since the show was cancelled, but I don’t know. I think people will ask about it for a long time. Whatever the case, nothing I say will dictate anything.

But if it does get made, will you be in it?

It would depend on a lot of things. It’s pretty hypothetical. I know there’s a page for the movie on IMDb, which is strange because I know it’s definitely not that real.

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Michael Cera makes us laugh just by looking at him. The former Arrested Development star now leads a number of comedy movies, such as Superbad and Juno.

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