Michael Fassbender Interview on Inglorious Basterds

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Michael Fassbender may be best known to audiences for his role in 300 as Stelios, but this year things are changing for the German actor. Fassbender's role in Hunger made quite the impression at Cannes and his leading role in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds is set to be his biggest role yet. IGN was lucky enough to sit down with this 31-year-old actor. Here's a quick excerpt:

IGN: How was it meeting Tarantino for the first time?
Fassbender: It was amazing, fantastic. He's a film enthusiast. I love that you can mention any film to him, and he doesn't only know the f**king film, he'll quote sections of the film to you. I love that. I'm a film geek, too.

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IGN: Who do you play?
Fassbender: I play Hicox, Lt. Hicox, who is an English guy posing as a German soldier.

IGN: What happens to him?
Fassbender: I can't tell you that, Jesus Christ.

You can read the full interview at IGN.

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