Movie Stills from Body of Lies

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A-list stars? Check!

Established action movie director? Check!

Enticing, mysterious title? Check!

Body of Lies appears to have everything an action movie junkie could ever want. Get a preview of this October 3 release below by clicking on a series of images from the film...

Body of Lies Characters
In Trouble
An Earful
Body of Lies Picture
Early to Bed, Early to Rise...
Roger Ferris Picture
Body of Lies Scene

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Body of Lies Quotes

Our world as we know it is much put to an end than you might think.

Ed Hoffman

Nobody's innocent in this shit.

Ed Hoffman

Body of Lies Review

Body of Lies is not a perfect movie. But it stars two of the top actors alive, Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, the type of men whose...

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