Opening This Weeekend: Lakeview Terrace, The Duchess, My Best Friend's Girl

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Three more big-time movies open this weekend. Before you decide on which to see, here's our in-depth analysis of each...

Lakeview Terrace
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson
Quick synopsis: An African-American cop takes issues with the interractial couple that moves in next door.
Prediction: Race relations is a touchy subject, but movie goers will dole out the big bucks to see Jackson have fun with the intense role.

Abel and Chris
Abel Turner Picture

The Duchess
Stars: Keira Knigtley
Quick synopsis: Based on the real-life story of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.
Prediction: The movie isn'y going for huge box office returns, and it won't find any.

The Duchess Scene
The Duchess Photo
The Duchess Movie Poster

My Best Friend's Girl
Stars: Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs
Quick synopsis: An annoying guy falls for his best friend's ex-girlfriend.
Prediction: Dane Cook is involved. This movie will tank.

Alexis Picture
My Best Friend's Girl Picture
Tank Picture

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