Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear Talk Ghost Town

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Our review for Ghost Town was one of the most positive we've published in awhile. We recommend it to all readers.

Now, the stars of that comedy - Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear - have talked about it with MoviesOnline. Here's an excerpt of their interview:

MoviesOnline: The director, David Koepp, said you had rules and there were some things you would not do because you did not want it seen on screen.
Ricky Gervais: Oh no. The kiss scene was actually a very specific thing that we changed. It just ended and I thought well, what does that mean? Does that mean happy ever after? And what we wanted to do was come up with something that was really iconic and different. My favorite ending of a film is at the apartment when they just sit there and she says, “Shut up and deal,” and it’s great.

What we came up with I wanted to be a really classy line because it just doesn’t prove anything, like okay, everyone does that. What we came up with was “It hurts when I smile.” “I can fix that.” I thought that was so much classier than just this thing that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t prove they lived happily ever after. It’s just nothing. So that’s not a rule. Nudity certainly is a rule and you do not want to see this [laughing, pointing to himself]. 

Ghost Town Stars

MoviesOnline: Greg, how do you feel about comedy? Do you think it’s subliminal? How do you feel your way through?
Greg Kinnear: Oh I don’t know. I don’t think too much about it. I always feel like for me as an actor… I look at it much more actorly than Ricky does. I’m just a character and I’m trying to be as truthful as I can. I think trying to push or make something funny is the first step in not making it funny. I think particularly with this script there was a really nice… for god’s sake, I’m dead. And yet the character is dealt with in a very honest way. He’s a pretty straightforward guy.

He’s really trying to get something done and there’s this guy who happens to be alive that can help him out. It was all written out with ideas and motivations there for me to follow a pretty straightforward character. He might as well have been alive in a way. I thought that was a testament to David’s script. You know, there are lazy scripts out there that are just put together.

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Ghost Town Quotes

Hospital Nurse: [after Bertram's colonoscopy] Come back soon.
Bertram Pincus: What a terrible thing to say in a hospital.

Bertram Pincus: I was dead and now they brought me back. I can..I can..
Frank Herlihy: The dead have a lot of unfinished business, which is why we're still here.

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