Robert De Niro is Off the Edge of Darkness

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Robert De Niro, who was previously set to co-star alongside Mel Gibson in the Martin Campbell-directed Edge of Darkness has left the project according to Variety.

De Niro was signed on to play an operative sent in tto clean up the evidence in the murder of a detective's daughter.  The detective is played by Mel Gibson.

Filming began on the movie in Massachusetts on August 18 and De Niro just arrived on set this week.  According to De Niro's spokesman, "Sometimes things don't work out; it's called creative differences."

Though the movie still stars crazy Gibson alongside Danny Huston, Shawn Roberts, and Bojana Novakovic, we think the movie just got a lot less interesting.  Filming will continue as they find a replacement by filming all the scenes that don't involve De Niro.

Don't worry De Niro fans, you can still see him on the big screen next week in Rightoeus Kill, which he co-stars with Al Pacino in.

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