Rumors Fly About The Big Lebowski Sequel

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If John Turturro can convince the Coen Brothers into making Jesus rise once again, The Big Lebowski sequel seems like a possibility.

Not that any actors that would be involved are taking the rumor too seriously.

“That’s just like a sick thought, isn’t it?” Philip Seymour Hoffman laughed in response when asked by MTV about a sequel revolving around his child-molesting, bowling ball-licking Jesus Quintana. “I love that [Lebowski] has a life now. I had a ball making it."

Jesus Quintana Picture

But what about The Dude's girlfriend?

“I think she has a role in everybody’s universe,” Julianne Moore said. “Maude abides too.... She’s with The Dude somewhere... She had The Dude’s baby, remember? So there’s a mini-Dude out there. [Maybe the movie] is called ‘Mini-Dude’!”

Now there's an idea!

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