The Dark Knight to Be Released... Again

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Excitement over The Dark Knight is finally beginning to die down.

But Warner Bros. wants to get people - especially people who vote on the Academy Awards - talking again. Therefore, the studio plans to rerelease the blockbuster in January, at the height of Oscar voting season.

"It's just a matter of bringing it back as a reminder for people," a source told The Hollywood Reporter.

To date, The Dark Knight has earned approximately $513 million domesticallyand $440 million internationally. Think you'll see it again?

The Joker Attacks

The Joker will terrorize again in January.

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The Dark Knight Quotes

See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like gunpowder...and dynamite...and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap!

The Joker

I had a vision, of a world without Batman. The mob ground out a little profit and the police tried to shut them down, one block at a time. And it was so... boring. I've had a change of heart. I don't want Mr.Reese spoiling everything, but why should I have all the fun? Let's give someone else a chance. If Coleman Reese isn't dead in sixty minutes then I blow up a hospital.

The Joker