Bill Murray Pleads for Female Ghostbuster

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Who are you gonna call for Ghostbusters 3?

If it were up to star Bill Murray, a female member of his unusual crime-fighting posse would be an option.

When asked by MTV about the script being written for Ghostbusters 3, Murray initially said he knew little about story lines; and then added that he'd like to see a woman strap on a proton pack.

Murray [on the script}: I hope they go back to the original version. The first Ghostbusters was such a funny movie, and the first 45 minutes of it or so — there's only maybe one or two special effects. It's just these guys being funny, and the characters were really funny, and the situations were funny. I mean, Danny had a really fantastic idea, and, you know, he and Harold [Raimis], they wrote some funny scenes. They left room for improvisation, and we made a funny movie.

MTV: Do you like the idea of potentially passing on to a new crop of Ghostbusters?
Murray: Well, I think it'd be funny to have a girl Ghostbuster. We don't have a girl Ghostbuster. I mean, they say like, "What if you passed it to Chris Rock?" And I go "Well, I dunno. Is Chris Rock gonna save us?" You know, I guess. He's funny.

: You want Dana Barrett to have a proton pack — is that what you're saying?
Murray: No, I just think there's some funny girls I'd love to see be Ghostbusters.

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