Bull Durham Sequel: Confirmed!

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A Bull Durham sequel has been confirmed... by the primary people involved with it, no less.

"For 20 years I have said no to a sequel," Director Ron Shelton told The Times Union. "I used to say 'You can't do a sequel 20 years later.' Then, the fact that it's 20 years later started to intrigue me."

But will it intrigue audiences? What will these characters even be up to two decades after the original?

Nuke and Crash

Shelton said that Tim Robbins' character, pitcher "Nuke" LaLoosh, had "a sort of an unrealized career [in the major leagues] in which we saw glimpses of his greatness." Costner's catcher Crash Davis "is now managing Durham in Triple A, back with a (major-league) dream alive again."

Will you go see a Bull Durham sequel?

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