Daniel Craig's Oscar Flick: Defiance

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The new bond flick, Quantum of Solace, starring Daniel Craig is due out in theaters in just a few short weeks. Craig, however, might be a little more excited for his next flick, Defiance, which has Oscar written all over it. MTV Movies Blog recently spoke with producer Marshall Kerskovitz.

Defiance, which is directed by Ed Zwick, the man behind Oscar-nominated Blood Diamond and The Last Samurai, is a true story set during World War 2. According to producer Marshall Kersovitz:

"The film is basically about these 3 brothers, and Daniel Craig is one of them, who run into the woods when the Germans invade in 1941 and they end up saving a huge number of Jews, 1200 people they saved. It’s an amazing true story; there is a moment in the film with these people who have just been through hell, living in the woods through the winter and all that. They capture a German soldier and what happens in that moment - and what you see on Daniel Craig’s face - is really quite extraordinary."

Sounds good! We can't wait for our favorite James Bond since Connery to finally get the Oscar he deserves. Herskovitz had the following to say about Craig:

"The thing about Daniel is that those of us in the business who have been watching his performances for years have been saying this guy is going to be a big star, he is one of those people like Steve McQueen, who combines this charisma, this incredible look, that’s not even about handsome or not handsome, it’s just an amazing, masculine, wonderful, attractive look. So when you find those things together in a person, watch out!”

Little creepy, but we like it!

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