Deleted Scenes Reveal Major Quantum of Solace Spoilers

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At a recent press conference, Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster opened up about a series of deleted scenes from the movie. Interestingly, they reveal a lot about the parts that actually made the cut.

For example, the original ending made a trilogy a practical inevitability, while the current conclusion essentally serves as a bookend to the two-chapter storyline that began with 2006's Casino Royale.

"There was a scene after where the movie ends now," said Forster. "The movie felt sort of complete with Bond finding his 'quantum of solace.' If I would have kept the scene, then producers wouldn't have had a choice but to make it a trilogy. Now they can start new. They have that opportunity."

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Forster added that the axed scene will be on the eventual Quantum of Solace DVD. What is it comprised of?

"Let's put it this way: Bond encounters Mr. White at the end of that scene," said the director, hinting at the possibility that White may be the chief architect of the conspiracy at the heart of the film. "You wouldn't have had a choice at the end of that but to follow that lead."

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