Movie Quotes from Eagle Eye, Lakeview Terrace and More!

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Below are a few movie quotes from recent DVD and/or theatrical releases.

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Woman on phone: Jerry Shaw, you have been activated. Your compliance is vital. -- Eagle Eye

Chris Mattson: Y'know what Abel? Fuck you.
Abel Turner: [laughs] Is that a 'We Are the World' fuck you?
Chris Mattson: No. It's a special one. Just for you. -- Lakeview Terrace

Peter Bretter: Is she coming this way?
Rachel Jansen: Yep.
Peter Bretter: I wish I wasn't wearing this fucking shirt. -- Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Red: What the fuck, man? You shot me in my stomach! I'm gonna die now, probably. Man, I had y'all over for dinner! Fish tacos! This is how you do me? -- Pineapple Express

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