Movie Quotes from High School Musical 3 and More!

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As always, we've updated our movie quotes section.

The latest films to have quotes entered into this area of our site are focused on below. Check out the following sample and then click on the link above to vote on your favorites...

Indiana Jones: Marion, take the wheel!
Mutt Williams: That's not fair, she drove the truck!
Indiana Jones: Don't be a child. Find something to fight with! -- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Gabriella Montez: I'm a lot better at saying goodbye than you.
Troy Bolton: Why are you saying goodbye? -- High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Ed Hoffman: Nobody's innocent in this shit. -- Body of Lies

Norah: This is amazing! You are literally like my musical soul mate.
Nick: Maybe I'll take this for a bit and you can just focus on driving.
Norah: What? You don't like my sweet grooves? -- Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

George Herbert Walker Bush: You want an ass-whipping?
George W. Bush: Try it old man!
George Herbert Walker Bush: Go ahead, take a swing! -- W.

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