Opening This Weeekend: W., Sex Drive, Max Payne, The Secret Life of Bees

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It's difficult to imagine four more contrasting movie hitting the theaters at once than the quartet opening this weekend. Here's a closer look at each...

Stars: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks
Quick synopsis: Oliver Stone takes a close look at George W. Bush.
Prediction: People are sick of Bush; Republicans don't wanna see a smear job and Democrats don't wanna see anything about this man.

Brolin as Bush
George W. Bush Picture
W and his Dogs

Sex Drive
Stars: Josh Zuckerman, Seth Green
Quick synopsis: A virgin drives across the country to sleep with the woman of her dreams.
Prediction: A surprise at the box office. Viewers loved American Pie and Road Trip.

Sex Drive Photo
Sex Drive Movie Poster
Sex Drive Picture

Max Payne
Stars: Mark Wahlberg
Quick synopsis: Based on video game, focusing on the wrath of a man whose family is killed.
Prediction: Number-one at the box office.

Max Payne Movie
Max Payne  Picture
Max Payne Photo

The Secret Life of Bees
Stars: Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson
Quick synopsis: A young girl is haunted by her late mother.
Prediction: Not hyped very much and focusing on a small niche. Not a major money-maker.

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