Source: Magneto Movie in the Works

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While comic book fans are gearing up for next year's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Aaron Sims told MTV that another film based on an iconic character from this franchise is close to a reality.

Sims, a character designer from the X-Men films, says a spin-off of Magneto is on the way.

“Unfortunately, because of the writers strike, it got pushed off,” Sims said. “But they’re now back to the rewrites.”

Magneto Picture

Ian McKellen is on record as being excited over the prospect of a Magneto movie.

Sims couldn't reveal much about the plot, but did say the flick will be an origin story: “where [Magneto] started, where he got his powers, the very beginning.” He added:

“Remember the scene [from X-Men] in the concentration camp where you see Magneto as a young boy? It just continues from there. Some people thought that might be too dark, but I really like that. It’s a lot of death and mayhem.”

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