The Day the Earth Stood Still Movie Trailer

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The Day the Earth Stood Still is a remake of a classic 1951 movie.

It features an alien named Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) who comes to Earth with a robot named Gort, prophesizing the world's demise if its people don't change their belligerent ways.

Check out the film's trailer now:

[video url="/videos/the-day-the-earth-stood-still-trailer/" title="The Day The Earth Stood Still Trailer"] [/video]

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The Day the Earth Stood Still Quotes

If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives.


Polygraph Operator: I'm going to ask you a series of control questions. Are you currently in a seated position?
Klaatu: Yes.
Polygraph Operator: Are you human?
Klaatu: My body is.
Polygraph Operator: Do you feel pain?
Klaatu: My Body does.
Polygraph Operator: Are you aware of an impending attack on the planet earth?
Klaatu: You should let me go.

The Day the Earth Stood Still Review

There is one glaring problem with The Day the Earth Stood Still. His name is Keanu Reeves. We admire the film for its unique message, yet...

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