Aaron Eckhart Backs Angelina Jolie as Catwoman

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Angelina Jolie is yet to acknowledge any interesting in portraying Catwoman in the follow-up to The Dark Knight. Still, rumors abound that the actress is being considered for the role.

In response, Aaron Eckhart - who has a pretty good idea of how to create a successful movie in this franchise - has chimed in on the possibility of Jolie donning the famous leather, black suit. He's all for it.

"I thought that was a fantastic idea," Eckhart said. "When I read that, I felt like all of our records that we made [would] be broken if she did Catwoman."

Eckhart, Jolie

We don't know about that, but the casting of Jolie would certainly create buzz. As for his return to the franchise, Eckhart makes a good point:

"I think I died in the movie."

You did.

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Aaron Eckhart really made a name for himself in Thank You for Smoking. As Two-Face in The Dark Knight, looks for this actor to gain even more popularity. He's got serious talent.

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