Baz Luhrmann has High Hopes for Australia

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In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, director Baz Luhrmann talked in detail about his latest movie, Australia.

Based on at least one quote from the discussion, it's apparent this movie maker has high hopes for the Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman drama:

"Will the film succeed? I cannot guarantee that. But is there a hunger for a movie like this? Yes. I mean, I am inviting all of America to "Australia" for Thanksgiving, and we're gonna serve a cinematic banquet. And what I mean by that is that the film goes from comedy, to tragedy, to action, to drama — and yet, underneath it all is a big, emotional idea.

And if it in any way puts out there for an audience a sense of hope, and uplift, and the possibility of going on stronger in times of adversity, then we haven't wasted our time. Now I think the film has a chance of doing that."

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