Derek Mears Comments on the New Jason Voorhees

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As Derek Mears prepares to don the world's scariest hockey mask for his role in the next Friday the 13th movie, the actor continues to speak out on the role.

The star recently spoke to Movie Web about the latest incarnation of Jason Voorhees.

Well, he is a little leaner. They wanted something that was more functional. He is a guy that is living in the forest. And he isn't able to eat so much. But he is still actiony. He is lean and functional. With Scott's design, the body is really defined by the hump.

On film you will see it cut out, and then it will cut in. As a fan, I was screaming, "Yes! This is what I want to see!" That's what I told them when I originally got hired. I met with them and told them, 'This is not an ego thing. If you think I am right for this, Awesome! But just as a fan, I want to see more Friday the 13th. I want you to keep doing it.'

New Jason Voorhees

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