A Series of Twilight Quotes

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We've added 25 new quotes from the movie Twilight to our site.

Browse our complete collection of Twilight quotes and vote on your favorites from this wildly-anticipated film. Here are a sample:

Edward Cullen: [to Bella] You are my life now.

Isabella Swan: You know, your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash.

Edward Cullen: Say it, say it out loud.
Isabella Swan: Vampire...

Isabella Swan: [to Edward] I'd rather die than to stay away from you.

Edward Cullen: Are you afraid?
Isabella Swan: I'm only afraid of losing you.

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Twilight Quotes

Isabella Swan: How old are you?
Edward Cullen: Seventeen.
Isabella Swan: How long have you been seventeen?
Edward Cullen: ...awhile.

Oh, still stubborn, aren't we? Is that what makes you so special to Edward?


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