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Paul Rudd doesn't simply star in the new comedy Role Models. He also receives his first writing credit for the movie.

The actor talked about the experience in a recent interview:

How did you become involved in the writing of Role Models?
It was unintentional. I was never supposed to be, I guess. I read the script, but it was kind of evolving. The idea was there of a couple of guys that get in trouble and have to go into this mentoring program. I thought that was a very funny idea, and there was comedy. [Adopts soft, sarcastic voice.] And lessons to be learned. And tears to be shed.

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The portrayal of medieval role-playing in the movie is satirical, yet strangely respectful.
Very much so, that was a big concern for all of us. 'Cause we don't wanna make fun of this, we want to hopefully show what's awesome about it, which is that a kid who maybe feels a little alienated can find something accepting and fun and freeing in all of it. If it's mean-spirited, it wouldn't work. 'Cause it's such an easy target anyway.

If you can somehow capture the joy in it—it's certainly a switch for my character, who has no joy in anything, and has really hit a point in his life where mildly annoying things cause him to flip out, 'cause he has no sense of humor about anything anymore. If he can kind of re-discover—this sounds so Dr. Phil-y, ugh. I'm puking in my mouth just a little bit just hearing it. Did you see me spit, by the way? That wasn't even spit. That was drool. It made me actually kind of puke a little. Wow.

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Role Models Quotes

Danny: Can I get a large black coffee?
Barista: A what?
Danny: Large black coffee.
Barista: Do you mean a venti?
Danny: No, I mean a large.
Barista: Venti is large.
Danny: No venti is twenty. Large is large. In fact tall is large and grande is spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. It's also the only one that's italian. Congratulations you're stupid in three languages.
Barista: A venti is a large coffee.
Danny: Really says who: Fellini? Do you accept lira or is it all euros now?

Ronnie: Suck it, "Reindeer Games"!
Danny: I'm not Ben Affleck.
Ronnie: You white, then you Ben Affleck.
Wheeler: You *are* white.
Danny: That's true, I am white.

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In the interest of full disclosure: we love Paul Rudd. A lot. Dude seriously makes us laugh. So we were attracted to Role Models before...

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