Ron Howard Chimes in on Arrested Development Movie

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Ron Howard, who served as executive producer and (hilarious) narrator on Arrested Development, recently chimed on on the possibility of the sitcom hitting the big screen.

"I really hope we do it," Howard said. "The reason there's been so much back and forth is... well, for two reasons, is the business understanding coming from the studio side was not clear, so even though we were wanting to do it and said, 'Yeah, maybe we could' but things weren't defined. I think that's really come into focus in the last week or so.

[Creator Mitchell Hurvitz's] full-on commitment to not only write it but direct it is something he's been wrestling with, he's been launching a TV show at the same time, so he couldn't let it really be at the forefront of his mind creatively. It is now. He seems very committed. We still don't have a script. Yeah, he's got some great ideas, and the cast seemed very excited about it and I certainly am. I'm very, very hopeful—more hopeful now than ever—that it's really going to happen."

Arrested Development

We can only continue to hope, and pray, than an Arrested Development movie gets made.

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