Ron Howard Speaks on Adapting Frost/Nixon

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Frost/Nixon is a movie, based on a play, based on a series of interview between British journalist David Frost and disgraced former President Richard Nixon.

Follow all that?

Director Ron Howard recently told how the film version of this story came to be...

I'd read it and I thought there were challenges, but they were such great characters. I was so surprised at how entertaining and how engrossing this story was, and even suspenseful. When I went to the Donmar, it just sort of doubled or tripled my interest level. I just felt the audience so engaged and I found myself not only enthralled by the performances and loving the story, but also emotionally reliving some of the feelings that I had watching the interviews back in '77 myself.

I think that I didn't feel that as much reading it, but watching it was an even more personalizing experience than I expected it to be.

Richard Nixon

I literally walked out and called my agent and said, "Not only do I want to bid on it, but I'll make it next because I believe we can adapt it." I had a sense of what I thought I wanted to do with it and I had confidence that between Peter Morgan and I, we could make a good little movie out of it. I also knew I didn't have to make it cast-contingent because ultimately I would be perfectly happy making it with Frank and Michael who were just in the early stages of developing the characters.

As it went on, their understanding of the characters just deepened and deepened, and to me, it became apparent that anybody else was going to be walking in their shadows and it would be a shame really not to let film audiences have the benefit of what these two actors had really learned about their characters.

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Frost/Nixon Quotes

David Frost: Are you really saying the President can do something illegal?
Richard Nixon: I'm saying that when the President does it, that means it's *not* illegal!
David Frost: ... I'm sorry?

Sometimes I would like to get my hands on God.

Frank Castle

Frost/Nixon Review

Frost/Nixon is a movie, based on a play, based on an interview. Doesn't sound too exciting, does it? More than anything, however, the...

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