Sam Worthington is Psyched for Terminator Salvation

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Sam Worthington's Marcus Wright squares off against Christian Bale's John Connor in Terminator Salvation.

Months before the movie's May 22 premiere, though, the actors are already butting heads. Sort of.

A few weeks ago, Bale casually mentioned that the latest installment in this franchise was "alright." Worthington has now responded to that possible slight:

"From my own eyes and early screening of Terminator Salvation, I can say that what I have seen and what McG is putting together is exciting and a thrilling ride. And with that he is always striving to maintain strong emotional journeys and the truth of this world. I consider the movie beyond, 'alright.'

I consider where they are at in the post production process and [director] McG's constant effort, is to make a movie rooted in diehard mythology but also to advance the series. And I believe McG has something to prove and like any good man is willing to risk and has to put himself on the line - to 'man up' and deliver beyond 'alright!!'"

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