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WALL•E will come out on DVD on November 18.

Here's a look at what fans that buy the single disc DVD can expect:

  • Presto – The Pixar Animation Studios original theatrical short that accompanied the WALL•E theatrical release, about a star magician’s ego that provokes some clever revenge from his neglected rabbit co-star.
  • Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds from The Sound Up – Ben Burtt, the acclaimed Oscar-winning sound designer, introduces viewers to the art of sound design using examples from WALL•E and historic footage of the early Disney sound effects masters at work.
  • Audio Commentary by WALL•E director Andrew Stanton.
  • Deleted Scenes, Easter Eggs and More.
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WALL·E Quotes

Out there's our home. And it's in trouble.


I don't want to survive. I want to live.