Amanda Peet Warns L.A. About 2012

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Amanda Peet has a message for Los Angeles: look out!

“There are some things that happen in Los Angeles, crazy stuff,” Peet said to MTV News of her favorite scenes from 2012, the upcoming Roland Emmerich directed disaster movie in which she stars. “[My character and John Cusack’s character] see it from a plane. We get off the ground and we escape in an airplane and some of the stuff that [Roland] shows us is incredible and really frightening.”

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As for her character, Peet told the network:

“Basically, there are some people who know that there is going to be this sort of colossal global disaster and most people don’t,” she said of her character. “I’m on the sort of civilian side of the story where John Cusack and I try to escape with our family and find safety.”

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