Gran Torino: Photos Galore

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Gran Torino opens on January 9 and stars Clint Eastwood.

The screen legend also directed this drama, which centers around his character of Walt Kowalski. He's a Korean War veteran who takes a troubled neighbor under his wing.

Here are a series of photos from the flim. Click on each for a larger version...

Gran Torino Picture
Walt Kowalski Picture
Gran Torino Photo
Lending a Hand
Seeking Solace
Gran Torino Scene
A Korean War Veteran

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Gran Torino Quotes

[to Father Janovich] I think you're an overeducated 27-year-old virgin who likes to hold the hands of superstitious old ladies and promise them everlasting life.

Walt Kowalski

Yeah... yum yum... yeah... nice girl... nice girl, very charming girl... I talked with her... yeah But you, you just let her walk out rigth out with the 3 stooges. And you know why? 'cause you're a big fat pussy. Well. I gotta go. Good day pussycake.

Walt Kowalski

Gran Torino Review

The transformation of Clint Eastwood is complete. In Gran Torino, the actor portrays Walt Kowalski, a widowed, retired autoworker...

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