Jennifer Aniston Talks Marley & Me

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Jennifer Aniston is everywhere these days.

While the actress has posed naked for the cover of GQ and talked a bit about Brangelina, we were more concerned about her thoughts on Marley & Me.

In an interview with, the former Friends star discussed her co-starring canines...

Can you talk about the challenges of working with a dog and did having dogs help you in the process?
Well, I think it helped only because I wasn't afraid of dogs but honestly he was so easy to work with. I would say the younger Marleys were a little bit more challenging for the trainers. We had a ball, we never had a hard time.

Was there any scene that was difficult or took a long time to get?
The scene where we were taking him to get neutered. That was definitely a challenging scene in the car 'cause you also have Matilda in the back seat, the trainer who's fantastic. It was just a lot of action for the dog.

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