Opening This Weeekend: Seven Pounds, The Wrestler, Yes Man

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Three major movies open this weekend. Let's take a closer look at each now...

Seven Pounds
Stars: Will Smith
Quick synopsis: Ben Thomas plays a man with a secret that wants to help others.
Prediction: A box office bust, not the role people wanna see Smith play.

Ben Thomas Pic
Seven Pounds Photo
Contemplating Life

The Wrestler
Stars: Mickey Rourke
Quick synopsis: A washed-up wrestler can't let go of his former, glory-filled life.
Prediction: Will clean up in limited release.

The Wrestler Movie Poster
The Ram
The Wrestler Photo

Yes Man
Stars: Jim Carrey
Quick synopsis: A man agrees to the power of positive reinforcement.
Prediction: A major hit; the perfect, light-hearted movie in these less-than-happy times.

Oh Yes!
Yes Man Picture
Yes Man Poster

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