Opening This Week: Cadillac Records, Punisher: War Zone, Frost/Nixon

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There's something for everyone opening this weekend at a theater near you. From music to violence to politics, let's take a closer look at each of the new films...

Cadillac Records
Stars: Beyonce Knowles, Adrien Brody
Quick synopsis: A biopic of Chess Records and recording artist Etta James.
Prediction: Beyonce will carry it to box office glory.

Cadillac Records Movie Poster
Etta James
Cadillac Records Picture

Punisher: War Zone
Stars: Sam Worthington
Quick synopsis: Frank Castle is still seeking revenge for the murder of his family.
Prediction: Only Sam Worthington's friends will turn out for this tired remake.

Punisher: War Zone Movie Poster
Frank Castle Picture
The Punisher Photo

Stars: Michael Sheen, Frank Langella
Quick synopsis: Based on the build-up to a famous interview between the British journalist and disgraced former President.
Prediction: Not aiming for major bucks at the box office; but expect a few Oscar nominations.

Frost/Nixon Poster
Richard Nixon
David Frost

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