Teresa Palmer Holds Out Justice League of America Movie Hope

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Teresa Palmer, who currently stars opposite Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories, is still dreaming of another movie role.

In an interview with Australia's The Herald-Sun, the actress says she hopes the superhero film "comes off."

Palmer also confirmed her rumored casting of villainous Talia Al Ghul.

''I was going to be playing a villain, which would be so exciting and totally different from anything I've done before. And with George Miller, an Aussie icon," Palmer said. "Plus, I'm good friends with Megan [Gale], it would be so brilliant for her to be cast as Wonder Woman. Fingers crossed it will happen.""

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Teresa Palmer

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Teresa Palmer is rumored to be the new Wonder Woman. Even if she doesn't land the role, she's extremely pretty and has signed on to star in Justice League of America. Might be dating Adam Brody.

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