Will Smith: Seven Pounds, One Epiphany

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As Will Smith makes the publicity rounds for his new film, Seven Pounds, he has more than the usual hype to share.

According to an interview the actor gave to MoviesOnline, the drama changed his life...

I had an epiphany after working on “Seven Pounds.”  I realized that part of that feeling was that I was looking at my life and I was looking at myself and my future too much around these movies.  And after “Seven Pounds” l just had this huge epiphany of how much more I want to be, how much more I want to do, and the idea of living in service to humanity vs. living in service to the commerce of my movies. 

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And that explosion just totally washed away that sort of scary uncomfortable feeling.  It’s like however people look at me as a movie star or not, I want to be remembered as a man who cared about people and dedicated his life to making the world better, so with that I went from thinking of myself in this high place to damn, I’ve got so much to do, I need to get to work.

And that’s so much better a place for me emotionally.

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