A Few Questions with Jamal Woolard

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Jamal Woolard is new to the movie world.

He stars as Biggie Smalls in Notorious - and he recently sat down with Moviefone to discuss the role. Here are excerpts from the interview:

They held a massive search to cast the Notorious B.I.G. Did you go through the casting process?
Oh, man, did I ... I had to do all that, man. I had to get in my zone, I had to gain the weight ... I put myself in Biggie boot camp. I was in Charlotte and got a call from one of my friends. He told me about it; he was like, "Yo, man, I think you should go try out for it. You're the funniest, you a ladies' man, you know we from the 'hood. Let's go get it, son!" So I said, "Lemme try, ya know?" And I went out and I read on it. I seen the [other people trying out for the role], that's what made me gain the weight cause I seen how many big dudes [were] out, like, "Whoa, they huge!" I'm not that huge. So I ate. I was at 285, went to 340.

What else was "Biggie boot camp" besides putting on the weight?
You know, [studying his] behavior, mannerisms, his movement, his patterns, his hands, how he'd scratch the back of his head, [keep his] chin up high, cotton balls in the mouth, the walk, the speech, the rhymes, the delivery. I studied both albums, and 'Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits,' cause you know his mom loves country music, so I had to know what that sound like. It [was] a lot.

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Jamal Woolard

Jamal Woolard Pic

Jamal Woolard received his big break when he was chosen to portray Notorious B.I.G. in the big screen biopic detailing the life and death of this music icon. It was Woolard's first movie role.

Previous to starring in this film, Jamal was known for his career as a rapper.

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