Director Considers Experimental New Moon Soundtrack

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Considering the success of the Twilight soundtrack, fans are already asking questions about which songs might be included on the CD for the movie's sequel, New Moon.

According to E! Online, director Chris Weitz has hinted that he may be open to a more experimental soundtrack than the one featured in Twilight.

"I think that might be the way it's going," said Marisa Baldi, West Coast partner for Zync, a music brokerage that funneled two songs onto the Twilight soundtrack. "I get the vibe that the guy is a little more into being surprised...everything is really open, and he wants to hear a lot of cool music."

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Here's what music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas - who was behind the Twilight soundtrack - had to say about the process involved in choosing bands for a film's CD.

"We sort of put in one CD at a time," Patsavas explained to me at the time. "Maybe we don't play a CD all the way through, but we do give everything a try."

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