Jackie Chan Cast in Karate Kid Remake

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We know Jackie Chan can punch and kick with the best of them.

But can be excel at the art of trimming bonsai trees?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the action star is reportedly close to taking on the role of Mr. Miyagi in an upcoming remake of The Karate Kid.

Jackie Chan Picture
Mr. Miyagi

The remake would be similar to the 1984 original, as Chan would be portraying the mentor to a teen who's being harassed by bullies and is in need of philosophical guidance, along with a few sweet self-defense moves.

Jaden Smith, who cut his drama chops alongside father Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness, will follow in the dangerous footsteps of Ralph Macchio by taking on the lead role.

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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Picture

Jackie Chan is a martial arts expert. His skills, and overall cuteness, have led to a successful movie career in American cinema. Starred in the Rush Hour franchise.

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