Kate Hudson Relates to Bride Wars

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Kate Hudson was recently asked by ComingSoon.net about her new comedy, Bride Wars.

Can the actress relate to her and/or Anne Hathaway's character in the movie? This was Hudson's reply:

I feel like creatively I'm constantly watching other people and I have so many friends that are all so different and all things are different to other people. So I can relate to a lot whether it's me that's like that or my best girlfriend. I'm so not like Liv in terms of how my girlfriend is and who I sort of based the whole hair thing after.

Liv, Bride Wars

She's in the hair salon like two times a week. She won't dip her foot in water because her hair might get frizzy. That to me is Liv. I can't relate to that, but I can because I know someone who's like that and it cracks me up. But in terms of weddings and stuff I can relate to it because I like to dress up. I like to dress up and I like to have a party. I like to throw parties. I like to bring people together. So I can relate to that. Look, everyone has their own opinion about the sanctity of marriage or what it is that they believe.

I come from two parents that aren't married. Well, I come from one parent who ended up not marrying my other parent. It's sort of a complicated household. So it's a little unconventional how I see it, but I can relate to it. And I got married and it was great and it was a blast. Everyone should do it.

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