New on DVD: Appaloosa, My Best Friend's Girl, Swing Vote, Mirrors

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Call up your Netflix queue. You may need to make some changes with four movies being released on DVD this week...

Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams
Why you should rent it: Because it's the first solid western in years.

Appaloosa Pic
Everett and Virgil
Appaloosa Characters

My Best Friend's Girl
Stars: Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, Kate Hudson
Why you should rent it: To laugh at Cook over how far his career has fallen.

My Best Friend's Girl Picture
Alexis Picture
Tank Picture

Swing Vote
Stars: Kevin Costner
Why you should rent it: To relive the excitement of election season.

Bud Johnson has some mail
Bud Johnson Bowling
Donald Greenleaf Picture

Stars: Kiefer Sutherland
Why you should rent it: To see if Jack Bauer deals with evil mirrors the same way he deals with terrorists.

Evil Mirrors
Mirrors Photo
Ben Carson Picture

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